The Role of Instructional Technology to Enhance Quality Education in Addis Ababa City Specially in Arada, Lideta and Yeka Sub Cities Selected Governmental High Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The development of technology makes the world become one village. The main aim of this research was to investigate the roles of ICT to enhance quality education in nine selected governmental high schools of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To achieve this, explanatory sequential mixed method design was used. Geographically stratified random sampling methods to select Sub cities, simple random sampling to select nine governmental high schools and systematic random sampling to select teachers‟ respondents and purposive sampling were used to select nine students and four cluster supervisors. The target teachers‟ populations were 1044 and all selected high school principals. Yemane‟s formula was used to determine the samples and accordingly 289 teachers were used. Then, the questionnaires were distributed 289 teachers and 33 principals. In addition, conducted face to face interviews with nine students‟ representative and three cluster supervisors. The document and school observations also took place. Quantitative data were analyzed by SPSS V.26 and used descriptive statistics like frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviations. Qualitative data were synthesized thematically based on research questions. The results indicated that internet connection, smart phone, and electric source availability in each class were the most available and implemented instructional technology. The challenges that affected implementation of ICT were teachers not using plasma TVs effectively, students‟ and teachers‟ skills on technology, and teachers‟ motivation. Most respondents gave the response that ICT had a great role in education. The role of ICT on quality education helped students, teachers, principals, and supervisors to search instructional materials, seek knowledge and manage their organizations. Finally, it was recommended that Addis Ababa Education Bureaus need to train and assign experienced laboratory and IT technicians and also purchase required equipment. Key words: Communication, Implementation, Instruction, ICT, Instructional Technology, and Technology



Communication, Implementation, Instruction, ICT, Instructional Technology, Technology