The Nature, Attitude, Impact and Problems of Counseling Services Provided To Sexually Abused Female Children: A Case of Some Selected Organizations in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to investigate the activities, attitude, impact and problems of counseling services provided for female sexually abused children in some selected organizations in Addis Ababa. The data were collected through questionnaires, interviews, and focus group discussion and observation checklist. Sixty-[our child clients, four counselors, a coordinator, and eight focus group discussion members were involved in the study. Various statistical techniques both qualitative and quantitative such as percentage, and Chi-square test were used to analyze the data. The outcome of the data analysis revealed that counseling service is provided in three major approaches; individual , group and family counseling. It is also identified that most client children have positive attitudes towards the service. Furthermore, the data indicated that clients have benefited a lot from the service. There are also problems in counseling activities and in the actual counseling facilities. For instance, there are no enough professional counselors in each counseling centers to provide psychological treatment and rehabilitative services. The counselors do not have reference materials on child counseling in their office. Moreover, the findings show that the counselors have a lot of practical activities to additionally engage in the counseling centers. Detailed counseling and rehabilitative activities, impacts and problems related to the services were also identified. Finally, both short term and long term major recommendations are presented in order to improve the counseling services in the selected organizations of Addis Ababa.



female sexually abused children, in some selected organizations