An Investigation Into Alternative Basic Education Level-One Learners' Textbooks of Pastoralist And Semi Pastoralist Areas of Oromia

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purpose of this study was to assess the extent of the appropriateness of the first level Afan Oromo, English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science textbooks prepared for students of ABE centers at pastoralist and semi-pastoralist areas of Oromia Regional State. To conduct the study) content analysis was used as a method. Interviews of Regional Curriculum Department head and curriculum experts of the department who participated in the preparation of the textbqoks were applied as a supplementing procedure. The appropriateness of the textbooks) layout) objective-content association) the conditions of illustrations and gender issues were coded and analyzed. The findings of this study showed that all contents are in harmony with objectives set in the respective syllabi. The illustrations are also in harmony with the contents and some of them lack clarity. The whole textbooks are prepared on the basis of self directing modes of activities. However, it is found that the typographic layouts and page setups of these textbooks show insignificant variation with standards set by EMPDA. Significant encouraging attempts and efforts have been shown to maintain gender balance, but it is found that this balance is not maintained perfectly throughout the textbooks. The setup of teams whose members include curriculum experts) subject experts) practicing teachers, graphic designers and so on for the purpose of curriculum materials development; editing manuscripts by separate professionals other than the textbook writer(s) as it can positively contribute to the quality of the textbooks; revision of the textbooks periodically based on further and comprehensive study including the other aspects of the textbooks quality, paying due attention for the issues related with gender balance; the issues of setting standards and the formulation of textbook policy concentrating on textbook writing, textbooks quality evaluations and approval) research on textbooks) copyright and similar matters etc. either at federal or regional level; allowing publishers' in line with the principles of free market economy to accomplish the task of preparing and publishing textbooks are recommended



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