Building Construction Occupational health and Safety Assessment: - A case of Condominium Site Projects in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Construction industry has been recognized as one of the common hazardous industries in both developed and developing countries. Injuries and work related hazard on building construction sector present a major effect on the workers in the field, and resulting major influences on socio economic consequences. Hence the objective of this research paper is to finding out major safety and health related injuries & hazards in condominium building construction (40/60 and 20/80) schemes to reduce health related injuries and increases safety; so that 139 condominium building construction workers were included in the study with proportional allocation formula sampling techniques. The data has been composed through structured and pre-tested questionnaire and interviews; accordingly analyzed using descriptive statics with Microsoft Excel & SPSS Software. The study result shows major injuries that have been identified from field survey falling from height 70% for 40/60 schemes and 65% for 20/80 schemes, injury due to manual handling 78% for 40/60 schemes and 51% for 20/80 schemes, injuries due to moving equipment 61% for 20/80 schemes and 52% for 40/60 schemes and finally health problem due noise 46% for 20/80 schemes and 48% for 40/60 schemes. The prevalence injuries among workers in condominium building construction were reported to be 48.9%; additionally injuries significantly associated with age, sex, educational level, experience and the type of occupation of the workers. Furthermore the study shows occupational injuries are common among construction workers, thus counter measures are recommended such as organized hierarchy department structure for occupational health and safety to decrease prevalence of injuries.



occupational health and safety, condominium construction, occupational injuries