An Exploration of Teaching Oral Skills in English Through Communicative Activities in Raya Timuga Secondary School: Grades 11 And 12 in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to explore the teaching of oral skills in English through communicative activities employed particularly in Raya Timuga Preparatory School. Specifically, the study was intended to assess students oral communication’, examine whether the teacher uses a variety of communicative activities while teaching oral skills and to find out the availability of special programs designed to enhance students’ oral communication. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, a descriptive survey method was used and the data were gathered through questionnaire, classroom observation, interviews and content analysis. Both open-ended and closeended questionnaire was distributed to the sample students and semistructured interview questions were employed with the available English teachers and purposefully selected students. Observation and content analysis were also held based on checklists and chosen criteria in accordance with the objective of the study. Based on the information gathered through the above instruments and its analysis and interpretation, the findings of the study revealed that teachers and students did not play their roles as stated by modern methods such as the communicative language learning and teaching. The study further raveled that teachers’ method of teaching, lack of backgrounds knowledge students’ fear of making mistakes, lack of authentic communicative activities, lack of well organized programs which were the major factors that inhibit students’ oral communication. Finally, based on the implication of the findings, recommendations were made for language teachers, text-book designers and bodies concerned.



Teaching Oral Skills