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Addis Ababa University


Public transport plays a great role in assisting people to travel from one location to another especially in cities. The delivery of information related to public transportation assists passenger to preplan their trip/journeys and save their time that should have been spent asking around or looking for their information from other source. Based on Addis Ababa city administration information, the city serves 3.74 million people. The city bus transport is an important element of city infrastructure. At the present time, most of the people in Addis Ababa city people prefer to travel by city bus as their primary choice. However, today because of the complex bus route lines, it is obvious that an online mobile web application bus route inquiry may help people plan their travel and find the best route number. Currently, in Addis Ababa city there is no reliable source of ACB route information that is easily accessible to passengers. Different techniques are used to collect information about public transportation mainly on ACB transportation service in Addis Ababa including interviewing passenger and ACBE worker, document review, literature review and the Internet. In this work, we designed and implemented Anbessa city mobile based route information system to assist travelers to preplan their trip/journey by giving them a platform where Anbessa city bus information and routes could be accessed. The system was evaluated with 22 users (passengers and ACBE workers) and the overall performance of the system is found to be encouraging. KEYWORDS: Online Mobile web application, GIS, Anbessa city bus, route information system



Online Mobile Web Application;GIS; Anbessa City Bus; Route Information System