Managerial and Pedagogical Problems in Implementing the Gedeaffa Language at Primary School Level in Gedeo Zone

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis was based on the findings of the research study entitled "The Managerial and Pedagogical Problems of Implementing the Gedeaffa Language as a Medium of Instruction at Primary School Lc el in Gedeo Zone." The main purpose of the study was to investigate the problem of language policy implementation in the zone. To this end an attempt was made to look in to the language in primary schools as a medium of instruction. A descriptive survey method was employed to identify the existing problems; six sample schools were selected from Wonago, Yirga-chefe and Fiseha Genet woredas. The subjects of the study were sixteen educational officers, sixty-five teachers, fifty parents, and two hundred five students. Accordingly the respondent's sampling was carried out through descriptive sampling techniques. Infom1ation was obtained using questionnaires, interviews observation, and docllments. The result indicated that the necessary preconditions were not fulfilled to select the language as a medium of instruction; there were no available curriculum materials. Teachers did not get adequate training to teach using the language. There was imposition on non-Gedeaffa speakers and yet, there were some improvements in this area. The reaction of parents to the introduction of the Gedeaffa language as a medium of instruction was below the average. Teachers . show high interest to be trained in the language. Students highly need to learn in official Language, i.e., Amharic. As the result of the ANOV A TEST indicates, the availability of materials professional support from office, were not satisfactory. Hence, it is concluded that much has to be done to improve the managerial and pedagogical ability of the zone with respect to the implementation of language policy. Therefore, it is recommended that the decision made to select the l11cdi um of instruction be revised