Push & Pull Factors of Students Exposed to Drug Abuse & Its Consequences ; A Case Study of Yakutat 12 Preparatory School Gulele Sub City Addis Ababa, City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess the push and pull factors of drug abuse and its consequences on students of Yekatit 12 Preparatory School in Gullele Subcity, Woreda 2 Addis Ababa. Three research questions were addressed to meet the main purpose of the research; push and pull factors, the effects of drugs (on psychological well-being, social relations, health, teaching and learning etc.,) the roles of woreda, and sub city administration, and finally the study identified possible solutions. Mixed research methods were employed. Simple random sampling & representative sampling techniques were used. Instruments questionnaire, focus group discussion and interview were used to gather data. The major findings of the study showed that chat, shisha and cigarette were the main commonly consumed drugs by the students. Students faced different problems due to their drug abuse behavior which had negative impact on their education directly or indirectly. Therefore, platforms need to be arranged where parents, teachers and peers should jointly deal with this issue. It also needs designing relevant projects to formally respond to the problem. Further laws should be in place or existing once need to be amended to control the drug abuse and to create a drug free school environment; raise awareness, about the nature and consequences of drug abuse through health and school media, recreational facilities of youth centers. There also need Individual and group counseling sessions on drug abuse, campaigns on drug abuse and further research should be conducted and disseminated for informed decisions by concerned bodies.