Assessing the Practice of Turn-Taking in Group Discussions in ELT Classrooms: Grade 9 Students of Miskaye Hizunan Medahine Alem Monastery Church School in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


ii Abstract In this study, an attempt was made to assess the practice of turn-taking in classroom group discussions with reference to grade 9 students in Miskaye Hizunan Medahine Alem Monastery church school. The subjects of the study were grade 9 students and English language teachers at Miskaye Hizunan Medahine Alem Monastery church school. 50 students from one randomly selected section among four sections and 15 English teachers have taken part in filling the questionnaire. Three randomly selected groups from a section were observed for a total of six periods and a one-day observation was audio-taped and transcribed. SPSS software and Allwright's (1980) model of turn-taking practice were employed to analyze the data that were gathered through questionnaire and observation, respectively. The analysis of the data shows that from the total of 125 turns, the majority of turns were taken by the teacher and the group leaders which is 16(12.8%) and 56(44%), respectively. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the nature of the group, the presence of a constant leader and reporter in the group, do not give appropriate time for each group work... affect the practice of turn-taking in classroom group discussions. Therefore, English language teachers should consider these problems and exert their maximum effort to have relatively an equal turn distribution in the classroom group discussions.



Foreign Language and Literature