English Language Teachers' Attitudes Towards and Treatment of Female Students

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Addis Ababa University


The study aimed at providing information on English language teachers' attitudes towards and treatment of female students in mixed-sex EFL classrooms in selected government high schools in Addis Ababa. The research procedure followed in the study included administration of a questionnaire to 10 female and 30 male teachers teaching English in grades 9,10, and 11 and Teacher Treatment Inventory Scales to 120 male and 120 female students currently attend ing the forty teachers' language classes, and observation of 20 teachers in language classrooms. A trial was made to investigate (i) the attitudes of English language teachers towards female students; (ii) how female students were treated as compared with male students; (iii) similarity and differences of teaching behaviour between male and female teachers, and (iv) the relationship that exists between teachers attitudes towards female students on the one hand and the actual classroom treatment on the other. The necessary data was collected from (i) the questionnaire; (ii) the Teacher Treatment Inventory Scales and (iii) the classroom observation. The data obtained from these sources were analysed. The results of the analysis may be summarized as follows: Both male and female English language teachers have positive attitudes towards female students and treat male and female students equally. It was observed that there was similarity between teachers' attitudes towards female students and the actual treatment in the classroom interaction. It was also found that there was no difference in the teaching behaviour of male and female teachers especially in their attitudes towards and treatment of female students. The analysis showed that from the three TTl scales significant differences were not obtained between male and female students' perceptions of teacher treatment. On the basis of the findings, recommendations concerning further researche are stated



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