Linear Induction Motor Vector Control System Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Addis Ababa University


Linear induction motors (LIM) are special developments of conventional induction motors. conceptual construction principle of a motor is, made by cut out and laid flat rotational induction motors (RIM). The motor is used for a variety of demanding applications, including high speed ground transportation and specific industrial applications. The aim of this thesis is to present modeling of LIM including end effect using MATLAB Simulink and applied vector control system to control the proposed motor, to achieve accurate operation to required applications. In order to check accuracy of vector controlled system, simulation of the developed system is performed using MATLAB software with added Fuzzy Logic Controller on proposed control mechanisms. This controller performance is compared with conventional proportional plus integral(PI) controller. Their validity, again implemented on MATLAB. Both types of vector controller techniques are tested at different dynamic conditions, which are no-load and load condition, variation of primary resistance condition and, sudden command speed change and tracking, are presented. In addition to mentioned conditions tested, end effect existence factor on vector control systems are performed using simulation. From overall simulations results, we noticed that, FLC gives good relative responses over conventional PI controller in all conditions. For instance, change variation error occurred on PI controller from varies between (0 to 0.047) to zero steady state error and also minimize maximum peak overshoot exist on PI controller from 0.069 to 0.016. Hence, fuzzy logic controller is relatively a robust controller.



End effect, Fuzzy logic controller, Linear induction motor(LIM), MATLAB, PI controller, Vector Control