The Status of Implementing Outcome‐Based TVET System in Major General Mulugeta Buli Technical College: Challenges and Prospects

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to explore OBTVET implementation status in MGMBTC and suggest the necessary recommendations. To this end, 36 teaching staff and 92 final year students of the college were filled out the questionnaires. In addition to the questionnaires, interviews, FGD, document review and observation had been used. Accordingly, the data obtained from different sources were analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The result obtained revealed that available teaching staffs in terms of service years and educational qualification were seen sufficient. Except in some competence areas of electrical department and armament technology, employed teaching staffs were seen sufficient. However, there was no an officer to facilitate guidance and counseling service in the college. Employed financial and physical resources were insufficient. Besides these constraints, OBTVET implementation had been affected by mismatch of teaching‐learning process with OBTVET requirement. This had been the result of limited awareness of the teaching staff. Lack of DOS in most competence areas had been another limitation of the college to implement OBTVET. However, in solving forgone problems existing teaching staff commitment in combination with their educational achievement and circumstances of the management in the college observed as a good opportunity to enhance OBTVET implementation. Therefore, MoND should give due attention on supplying and facilitating of teaching‐learning resources as well as provision of short term training to support OBTVET practices. Moreover, the college needs to do in collaboration with defense units to alleviate shortage of demonstration equipments and to enhance cooperative training