Factors Influencing the Utilzation of Reading Tasks in Grade Seven English Teaching: The Case of Four Selected Primary Schools in Kombolcha Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine factors influencing the utilization of reading tasks in grade seven English teaching in four selected primary schools in Kombolcha Woreda. To this end, a descriptive survey method was employed to conduct the research in four second cycle primary schools from eleven schools in the Woreda . Within these schools, all English language teachers of grade seven who are five in numbers, a total of 138 students were taken as actual sources of information. Teachers selected using available sampling technique, where as students that filled the questionnaire and those who participated in the focus group discussion selected using simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion and classroom observation were the data collection instruments used to obtain information from the sources . The data were analyzed using percentage and descriptive statements. The result of the study revealed that most of the reading tasks indicated in the curricular materials not utilized as properly as they intended to practice. Teachers and students extent of the utilization of the reading tasks found to be not more than "sometimes level" on most of the tasks. As a result, the tasks like introducing the reading title, predicting the content of the passage, understanding the purpose of reading, student-silent independent reading, skimming/scanning reading, guessing meaning ji-om the context, discussing the passage related with other issues and integrating the other language skills with reading tasks were not utilized effectively to practice reading skills. Among the various techniques presented in reading tasks, individual work dominated both at pre and at post reading phases. Teachers utilized different teaching techniques for a single reading task The finding of the study showed that teachers did not use the appropriate reading techniques to help students at each reading phase. Respondents also revealed that the major factors that very greatly influence the utilization of reading tasks. They were lack of motivation of teachers and students, poor teaching strategy, students limited. vocabulary knowledge, lack of habit to read in leisure time, lack of reading skills, unfamiliar topics and complex sentences. Based on the result of the study, some recommendations were suggested to increase the awareness of teachers to utilize the pre, while and post reading tasks effectively to help students practice reading and to minimize the effect of influencing factors that were thought to have discouraging influence on the effective utilization of reading tasks.



Utilzation of Reading Tasks in Grade Seven English Teaching