An Investigation of Speaking Strategies Employed by Both Teachers and Students: The Case Study of Kokebe Tsibah Preparatory and Secondery School

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study is to describe the classroom strategies of teaching/learning speaking skills in government high schools, especially in grade eleven. The researcher focused mainly on the strategies used by the teachers to teach speaking skills, strategies used by students to learn English speaking skills and how students’ errors are corrected in the classroom. To gather information on the above main objectives, various instruments were used. These are: classroom observation, students’ and teachers’ interview, students’ questionnaire and video recordings. The data were categorized and descriptively analyzed. The findings depicted that inappropriate speaking strategies were used in the mentioned grade level. Teachers were observed using the traditional way of teaching speaking which is dominated by asking and answering in the classroom. There has been little or no time given for the modern speaking skills teaching strategies such as group and pair discussions, oral report, drama, panel discussions and interviews. The consequence of inappropriate speaking strategies used has resulted in the weak performance of the students’ speaking skills. To that end, this research paper provides recommendations that could bring about a change in the strategies of teaching and learning speaking in the grade level studied so that current strategies of teaching speaking could be employed.



The Case Study of Kokebe Tsibah Preparatory and Secondery School