The Effect of Marketing Mix on Brand Equity: The Case of Ethio telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of promotional mix element on Brand Equity of Ethiotelecom. This thesis was employed both descriptive and explanatory research design to achieve its objective. The research analyzed by using a descriptive (mean, frequency, standard deviation, percentage) and inferential method like regression, correlation and coefficient. Furthermore, questionnaire method, and key informant interview methods has been employed to collect important data to achieve both general and specific objectives of the study. There were 339 customers, to whom the questionnaires have been administered. The data has been analyzed by using SPSS version 23 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and presented in the form of tables. In the finding it is reported that product, price, place and promotion, have positive and significant effect on Brand Equity. Finally, it was recommended that, to enhance its brand equity, Ethiotelecom may need to focus on other aspects such as quality, innovation, or customer service, as these factors are more likely to influence customer perception and loyalty. Additionally, improving the placement or accessibility of its products or services could also contribute to enhancing brand equity