Context Aware Tourist Information and Recommendation System Using Iqr Code

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Addis Ababa University


Advancements in mobile computing and communication technologies have led to the emergence of a concept pervasive (ubiquitous) computing. In pervasive computing, ubiquitous environment that combines devices and sensors with intelligent software and wireless technologies is created to improve quality of life. Ubiquitous computing is applicable in different domains. Among this, tourism domain is the one that will be suitable for providing ubiquitous access on the basis of customization because, tourists will come to visit certain tourist attractions by holding different technologies and they will have no or little information about a tourist attraction. In a tourism environment providing organized information to visitors about tourist attraction is a challenging task. To handle this problem QR or iQR codes are being used as an ideal solution. However, the information provided using QR or iQR codes doesn’t consider the context of tourists. In order to solve such problem, this research work proposed a context based tourist information and recommendation system using iQR code that can support tourists while visiting certain tourist attraction. We have mapped private tourist context (such as identity, location, device and nearest member/s) with public information about Point of Interest (POI) encoded on iQR code to provide context based information about a POI. We have used iQR codes for storing public information about POI due to its high data storage capacity and flexibility compared to QR codes. To minimize scanning overhead by all members in a group visit the proposed system considers nearest member/s to deliver appropriate service. Recommendation of POIs is based on a hybrid approach. It uses personal rating history, current context and others rating to recommend unvisited tourist attractions. In order to show the usability of the system it is implemented on National Museum of Ethiopia (NME). Keywords: Pervasive/ubiquitous Computing, Context, Context Awareness, QR code, iQR code



Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing; Context, Context Awareness; QR Code; Iqr Code