The Practrce of Training Programs Financed by Ngo's in Gurage Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study wa.s to examine the practices and challenges related to the training programs financed by N'GO's and offered to the teachers and Woreda Education Officers in Gurage zone. The study adopted the descriptive survey method . Data were gathered using questionnaires, interviews, and observation of the training sessions. The sources of the data were trainees, trainers, education program officers and some related documents. Samples for the study were selected using simple random sampling techniques. The sample size of the study was 216(54%). Data were analyzed using the independent means, t-test, chi-square and percentages. Results of the data analysis showed that trainees have low level of education compared to the expertise needed for teaching at the level they are serving. Moreover the findings clearly indicated that trainees were attending the training programs only because they were invited to so. Additionally, low level of the practice of need analyses, incomplete system of designing the training, passive participation during the delivery of the training, non participatory nature of designing and evaluation of the training programs, and failure to properly use feed backs gathered were some of the major constraints hindering the practice of the training programs. The study suggested that to make training programs strategic, and goal oriented training need assessment, designing the training, recruitment of the trainees and trainers, delivery, evaluation and utilization of feed backs have to be carefully executed by participating responsible stake holders. Moreover, the representatives of all the stakeholders of the education programs for which the training programs have been organized should be made to involve by the unreserved efforts of the financing NGO's and Woreda Education Officers .



Training Programs Financed by Ngo's