Assessment of “Piled Raft Foundation” for HighRise Buildings Under Vertical Load in Addis Ababa: The case of Nib, Zemen, and United Bank Headquarter Buildings

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Addis Ababa University


Piled Raft foundation is a newly emerged foundation system. Different researchers are working on it till now. The system is mainly used to respond to weak foundation materials. The intent of this study is, to assess the piled-raft foundations of high-rise buildings under vertical load. These foundations are designed by local engineers to respond to high-rise building foundation requirement. The study is conducted using finite element method software package – ABAQUS. The numbers of projects considered in this study are three. They have similar nature and are under construction. The designers use similar pile spacing for all projects and it is the only variable parameter in this study. The foundations are modeled with pile spacing of 3D (designers spacing) and 6D (two times designers spacing). The site's geology is predominantly rocky but in different weathered condition. The assessment result shows maximum and differential settlement of the foundations are very insignificant and angular distortion is within permissible limit. Almost all the vertical load is taken by the pile and the load shared by the raft is very insignificant.



Piled Raft Foundation, High Rise Buildings, Vertical Load