The Practice and Challenges of Gender Responsive Budgeting: The Case of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia has made considerable progress in the creation of an enabling environment for gender responsive development by taking legal as well as social actions. As an effective approach of working towards gender equality, gender mainstreaming is a comprehensive strategy to change the way of thinking and working to address the underlying causes of gender inequalities in all areas and at all levels of policies, programs and strategies. Mainstreaming gender in the budget process will have an added value and serve as a critical tool for further fulfilling government commitments; as well as serve as an expression of government’s assurance for the empowerment of women and gender equality. Moreover, it enhances development outcomes. The gender gap in agricultural production results in greater food insecurity and poorer nutrition. There is a growing perception that GRB has an impact on solidifying national human development index as well as achieving the national goal of gender equality. The objective of this research was to examine the practice and challenges of gender responsive budgeting in Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource. To conduct the study data were collected purposively from thirty-seven participants working in MoANR. The researcher used qualitative research methodology. For the process of data collection, document review (annual reports & plan, reports and manuals were reviewed) and depth interviews used. Findings show that MoANR implement GRB through program budget. Currently the MoANR is implementing program budget system which means all the directorates in the Ministry prepare programs/main activities, implement and monitor independently. Knowledge and skill gap on gender responsive budgeting and Lack of gender disaggregated data to prepare gender responsive plan were the major challenges identified in the study.