Chemical Investigation on the Essential Oils of Saturfja Abyssinica and S. Punctata

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A study on the essential oils of S. abyssinica (Benth.) Briq. and S. punctata (Benth.) Briq. was undertaken. The oil of S. abyssinica was analyzed and four components have been identified. Two compounds, pulegone and piperitenone were isolated and characterized. Pulegone (70-79%) was found to be the major constituent of the oil. The oil of S. punctata was also analyzed and ten components have been isolated and identified. These include citral a and b, geranyl acetate, B-caryophyllene, 3,7,10(15)germacratriene, nerolidol, caryophyllene oxide and a-bisabolol. Citral a (40-43%) and citral b (30-33"!o) were found to be the major constituents of the oil. To the best of our knowledge, 3,7,1 O(15)-germacratriene is a novel natural product. All the other compounds are known and citral a is reported as a major constituent of Satureja species for the first time. S. punctata is placed into a new grouping called "Monoterpenic aldehyde type". Literature survey showed that there is no previous work on the chemical investigation of S. abyssinica and S. punctata. The elucidations of the structures are based on spectroscopic techniques and by comparison of these data with those reported in the literature



Oils of Saturfja Abyssinica and S. Punctata