Influence of Wheel Materials on Thermal Load of Braking

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Addis Ababa University


This paper will study the influence of wheel materials on thermal loads as a result of block braking for stopping the train. Transient thermal analyses of 3D model of railway wheel for different velocities are performed using ANSYS v12.1 workbench. The analysis is done for two wheels having different material compositions (that is bainite steel wheel-new material and CL60 which is going to be used by Ethiopian national railway vehicle). Using the thermal output as input for the transient structural analysis different stresses concentrations are observed. The results obtained for the two wheels show that, wheel 2 (Bainitic) has excellent strength, toughness and good resistance to thermal damage due to better hardness. Therefore, Bainite steel can be applied to wheels in the railway systems.



Wheel Materials, Thermal Load, Braking