A Comparative Study on Plasma TV and Teacher Based Instructions Towards Improving Students' National Examination Result in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to compare Grade ten students' result in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics in EGSECE in Addis Ababa secondary schools before and after the intervention of the Plasma TV instruction. Furthermore, the study was aimed at investigating the progress that has been brought about by the intervention of Plasma TV instruction as compared to the traditional teacher based instruction on students' result in EGSECE. The study was conducted in Addis Ababa city administration, in five secondary schools. These are Ayer Tena, Derartu Tulu, Kokebe Tseba, Menelik and Yekatit-12 secondary schools. The subject for the study were 532 grade ten students, out of which 272 (51.13%) were females and 260 (48.87%) were males, and forty-one teachers who have taught grade ten since 200212003 two years before the introduction of Plasma TV instruction at Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects. In addition to the students and teachers, five school principals and five sub- city science supervisors were also included. As a result the study had a total of 583 respondents. The instruments used in this study were, questionnaire, interview and field observations. In addition secondary data that were obtained from NOE are used as a source of information. The results suggested that there was significant difference on student achievement in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics subjects after the intervention of the Plasma TV instruction. Besides, students preferred most to learn Chemistry subject and list to learn Mathematics subject with Plasma TV instruction. The results of the finding confirm that, teaching with Plasma TV instruction is inconvenient to low achiever and medium learners. On the other hand it is convenient to high achiever learners. From the findings of this study even though, Plasma TV instruction has its own advantages, there are a lot to be done in order to integrate it with the Traditional teacher based instruction so as to improve students' result in EGSECE in particular and in their academic achievements in general.



Plasma TV and Teacher Based Instructions