The Role of Extra Class Activities in Improving Students' English Language Skills -SPEAKING And Listening Skills in Focus (WITH Reference to Gilgel Beles College of Teachers’ Education

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Addis Ababa University


This study was mainly aimed at examining the role of student activities outside the regular class hours in improving learners’ English language skills (speaking and listening skills in focus) in teacher Education Institutes (TEIs). In order to see the role of extra class activities on the students’ English language skills improvement, an experiment was carried out and speaking proficiency and listening comprehension tests were designed and administered to the students in the study. Questionnaires were also developed and employed as other tools among the experimental group students and English language teachers in the college to investigate their attitudes. Furthermore, open ended interview to the teachers and a focus group discussion with the experimental group students were also used as supplementary data collecting tools. Together with these, incidental observation was carried out for the experimental group to see how they were doing with the activities during the experiment. The results from the post tests indicated that the performance of the students in the experimental group was found to be statistically significant in both the listening and speaking skills. The result from focused group discussions and questionnaire showed that the students have positive attitudes towards the extra class activities though there are no such activity programmes in the college. On the other hand, the result from these tools revealed that the students do not seem to be aware that extra class activities are learner led. Data from observation showed that the students were interested in the activities and they were increasing their participation from day one on wards. Teachers were found to have mixed attitudes and awareness about the role of the activities on EFL skills improvement. Based on the findings recommendations were made to the students, the teachers and to the institution.



speaking and Listening Skills