Attitudes of Students and Teachers Towards Plasma Instruction in Butajira and Sil Ti Secondary Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The purposes of this research were aimed at investigating the alfitude of students towards learning through Plasma TV as a function of gender, grade level, achievement level and residence, and to explore the allitude of teachers towards teaching through Plasma TVas afunction of teaching experience at Bulajira and Silti Secondmy schools. To achieve the objectives, 240 students participated through lIsing convenient sampling and 35 teachers participated through using available samplingji-om these two secondmy schools. One sample t-test and MANOVA were employed to analyze the collected data. The result indicated that the low achiever students showed negative alfitude where as the high achiever students found to have more favorable alfitude towards learning through Plasma TV than average and low achiever students. The low experienced teachers also showed favorable attitude than the high experienced teachers. Moreover, the results revealed that significant altitudinal variations were notfound except the achievement and the interaction of grade level with residence. Finally the study was summarized and concluded with some suggestions in light of the findings.



Students and Teachers Towards Plasma Instruction