Teachers' Attitudes Towards English Language Learners' errors with particular Reference to Grade Eleven

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the current attitudes of EFL teachers toward English language learners' errors. Fifty teachers selected from twelve government senior secondary schools in Addis Ababa participated in the study. In order to gather the data, opinionnaires and written questionnaires drawn from students' written works were given to teachers. Classroom observation, based on Chaudron (1977) model of descriptive discourse were made on sample teachers to examine their treatment behaviours. The subjects responses were coded and mean scores were computed for individual items. The Pearson product moment correlation and multiple regression were computed. The statistical tests showed that there was significant inverse relationship between attitude and severity of scoring. The conclusion drawn was that Ethiopian EFL teachers' attitude toward learners' errors when seen in practice looked negative. However, there seems to be a disparity between their theoretical conception of error and the actual classroom practice. Their actual treatment of errors seems to be influenced by factors which can be described as nonpedagogic. It is suggested that, perhaps, it will be better if teachers develop somehow tolerance toward learners' -errors by reacting leniently to students' in correct responses



Towards English Language Learners