Factors Affecting Employees’ Engagement: The case Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


If the organization has no engaged or emotionally attached employees, its performance will decrease, its turnover increase and disturbs team spirit .Therefore the objective of this paper is to identify the critical factors affecting employee engagement in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, ,evaluates the level of employee engagement and how they should be properly tackled. The target population of this study is employees of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia working in Addis Ababa area. This includes four districts, Human Resource Department, and Credit Department. A total of 379 employees were selected out of total population of 7,094 as the sample of the study. Random sampling technique was used to select the branches and individual respondents. The standardized questionnaires of were adapted from standard questionnaires. Quantitative research approach with explanatory research designs was used to identify the factors that affect engagement. In general the major findings show us that employee engagement level is a bit higher than three quarters. The most critical factors are found to be open communication and job satisfaction. Thus Commercial Bank should focus on those critical factors to escalate the level of employee engagement



Engagement, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia