The Practice and Challenges of Continuous Assessment at Debre Birhan Teachers College Implication For Instructional Improvement

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the current practice and challenges of continuous assessment with emphasis on the implication to improve instruction at Debre Birhan Teachers college. The method of study was Descriptive survey. The participants In this study were 549 students, 85 teachers and three academic deans of the college. Data were collected through questionnaire, interview, observation and Document analysis. Percentage was used as a main technique of analysis for quantitative data and qualitative data were analyzed qualitatively. (in words) The findings of the study depicted that the status of CA implementation was low because the awareness level of students and instructors towards CA and its implementation was low. Teachers and students had negative attitude towards CA implementation. The absence of supervision and guidelines for instructors in the college indicated that the status of CA implementation was generally low. Instructors used CA results for marking purpose and their activities for giving feedback was very low. Concerning hindering factors that affected CA, the study showed that large class size, mis conceptions of the overall concepts of CA by students and teachers, time constraints, lack of administrative support, and the availability of few or no instructional media. The following recommendation were forwarded: The provision of practical training on the use of CA, the preparation of CA guides for instructors, module should be revised in line with the aim of CA, motivating instructors by giving moral incentives, Hiring adequate number of teachers allocating appropriate budget for instructional media, and minimizing extended or over emphasized contents from each subjects. This implies that continuous assessment should be implemented based on the three levels of instruction (before, during & after) appropriately in order to improve instructional activities



Challenge. of Continuous Assessment at Debre Birhan Teacher Education College