FEM Investigation of Steel Jacketed RC Column under Eccentric and Cyclic Loading

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Addis Ababa University


Structural members encounter strength deficiency due to improper design, faulty construction and inspection. To overcome this problem, strengthening of structural members when found deficient is necessary and it can be applied prior to hazard or after hazard. Both strengthening ways are applied for different types of structural members (beams, columns, beam-column joints and other structural members). We can apply strengthening of structures members considering the present load carrying capacity and required demand. These strengthening methods result in structural capacity increment as it gives the reinforced concrete member a composite action. Columns are important structural members that transfer loads to foundation and they are sensitive as their failures may lead to complete collapse of buildings. The thesis investigates the structural performance of steel jacketed RC column (using steel cage made from vertical angle and horizontal connecting strip) for the specified parameters under different eccentricity levels and cyclic loading. The study parameters are effect of eccentricity, concrete grade, angle steel grade, horizontal strip grade and strip configuration.



steel jacket, steel cage, eccentricity, concrete grade, angle steel grade, horizontal strip grade, strip configuration, cyclic load