Examining the Swelling Pressure of Addis Ababa Expansive Soil

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Addis Ababa University


So many damages have been reported as a result of expansive soil. Such damages occur when the pressure exerted by the soil is greater than the foundation pressure. Consequently assessing the swelling pressure is an important step in designing foundation on expansive soil. Several researchers have developed an empirical relation for the estimation of swelling pressure. The empirical expressions relate the swelling parameters to the geotechnical parameters that are determined by the identification tests. But the expressions should either be reformulated or checked for our local condition. Therefore in this paper: the various equations already developed are tested for the validity to our condition and new equations are developed that relates swelling pressure with the index and physical properties. The new formulas are developed, by taking one or more of the four parameters (liquid limit, moisture content, dry density and plastic index) in different combinations. The equations are developed by taking 14 samples and using v SPSS 9.0 for windows software. The equations are then tested for three control samples. The most important equations are proposed, and conclusions and recommendations are made.



Geo-technical Engineering