The Status of Child Rights Violations and Its Impacts on Female Students' Academic Achievement of the Second Cycle Primary Schools of Dessie Woreda in South Wollo Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to asses the extent to which girls' rights are violated or neglected, and to examine its functional impact on their academic performance. In order to attain the objectives of the study, qualitative and quantitative aspect of descriptive survey method was employed. The study was carried out on five second cycle primary schools that were selected using random sampling technique from 21 second cycle primary schools of Dessie woreda in South Wollo zone. A total of 270 female students selected randomly from grade 7 and 8, 30 teachers selected using stratified random sampling technique, 15 parents of female students selected randomly from PTA members and 5 school director purposely selected from the five sample schools were involved in the study. Questionnaire, interview and focus group discussion (FGD) were the instruments used for data collection. The data gathered were analyzed using statistical tools such as frequency counts and percentages. The result of the analysis show that girls' rights are violated both at home and in school environments of Dessie Woreda. Therefore, most of the female students of the woreda do not benefit from the provision of development and safeguard rights. It was also observed that violation of development and protection (Safeguard) rights have profound impact on female students' academic performance. Therefore, creation of child right awareness in the community, creation of conducive environment in the school for girls to benefit from child rights, taking disciplinary measures in the individuals who harass and mistreat girls in the school and in the community and also cooperative work between the community, schools and legal institutions were recommend for the realization of girls' rights protection in order to increase academic achievement of female students of Dessie Woreda.



Child Rights Violations