The Practices and Challenges of Occupational Safety and Health in Meta Abo Brewery Sc. Co

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Addis Ababa University


Occupational accidents and diseases not only entail an appalling human toll, but also account for a significant economic burden on national economies and on enterprises. The general objective of the study was to investigate the practice and challenges of OSH in Meta Abo Brewery share Company. This study applied descriptive research study and used quantitative and qualitative research methods. Primary data was collected using a questionnaire from 98 randomly selected workers from production departments. Though the company had an international based OSH policy and procedure, the study revealed that workers and supervisors in these areas had low commitment to obey the policy: lack of awareness, carelessness or ignorance of safety requirements, Shortage of PPEs, PPE are not comfortable, no strong follow-up and enforcement non-enforcement and lack of motivation. Most of occupational injuries reported during the last 2 years and the overall prevalence during the last 2 years was reported 1-2 times. Hand finger was reported as the highest frequency of occupational injuries and Toe, Eye and Ear were stated as less frequently injuries. The major challenges is lack of awareness among workers and employers about work site safety and health and lack of Workers positive response to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs) in the organization and lack of government audits and/or inspections preferred were considered as a least challenge. Meta Abo should improve safety and health at work through a Decent Work Agenda – it helps to better address occupational safety and health as a vital component of decent work. The company should promote a preventive safety and health culture and progressively achieving a safe and healthy working environment.



Brewery Industry, Occupational Safety, Health Management