Evaluation of anti-gastric ulcer activity of aqueous and 80% methanol leaf extracts of Urtica simensis in rats

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopian traditional medicine, the leaf of Urtica simensis is used in the treatment of gastric ulcer. Since this claim has not been investigated scientifically, this study was undertaken to evaluate the anti-gastric ulcer activity of both aqueous and 80% methanol extracts of Urtica simensis. The aqueous and 80% methanol leaf extracts of Urtica simensis were prepared using decoction and maceration techniques of extraction respectively. Three models, pylorus ligation, indomethacin and ethanol induced gastric ulcer models were employed to assess the anti-secretory and mucoprotective potential of the extracts. Three dose levels (100, 200, and 400 mg/kg) were employed for each extracts. Negative control received distilled water, whereas positive controls were given cimetidine 100 mg/kg. In pylorus ligation induced gastric ulcer model, both types of extracts at dose of 200 &400 mg/kg were exhibited significant reduction in total acidity, volume of gastric secretion (p<0.001) and significant rise in pH (p˂0.05) of the gastric secretion. In indomethacin induced ulcer model, both aqueous and methanol extracts were exhibited dose dependent increment in gastric wall mucus as compared to ulcerated control (p<0.001). In ethanol induced ulcer model, all doses of extract produced significant increment in gastric wall mucus from 46.66 ± 0.96 (aqueous100) to 75.87 ± 1.52 (methanol400) μg alcian blue/g wet stomach. Five days pre-treatment study with aqueous200 and methanol200 exhibited significant (P<0.001) ulcer inhibition in both indometacine and ethanol-induced ulcer model. This study revealed that both aqueous and 80% methanol leaf extracts of Urtica simensis is endowed with a promising anti-gastric ulcer activity in all of the above mentioned three models and these findings provide a scientific support for folkloric use of Urtica simensis leaf as treatment of gastric ulcer.



Gastric ulcer disease, Indomethacin induced gastric ulcer, Pylorus ligation induced gastric ulcer, Ethanol induced ulcer model, Urtica simensis