The Effect Of Training And Development On Employees Performance The Case Of Addis International Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The competitive world entails organizations to have employees the necessary skill, knowledge and experiences in order to cop up with the existing competition. Employees’ training and development is one of the methods organization use to obtain the necessary skill, knowledge and performance. The purpose of this thesis therefore was to evaluate the effect of training and development on employees’ performance in the case of Addis International bank. The research was conducted based on primary and secondary data. A quantitative research approach of the data collection was used and 195 questionnaires were distributed in which 177 of them returned. Stratify sampling method was used and employees were selected from each strata with a random sampling techniques. The data was analyzed using explanatory research method; correlation and regression were used to analyze the data. The correlation result of the study signifies that there is a positive and significant relationship between independent variables (training and development) with the dependent variable (employee performance). The study also recommended that in order to enhance employee performance the bank should continue its training and development programs in an advanced, systematic way and keep constant review of its training practices to identify effectiveness on its employee’s performance regularly



Training, Development