Analysis of Urban Livelihoods Strategies of Female headed Households: The Case Of Bishoftu Town Oromia Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Livelihood strategies are at the center of development. In the context of rapid urbanization, understanding the urban livelihood strategies plays paramount role for the policy and practice arena. Accordingly, this study was conducted to analyze urban livelihood strategies of female-headed households. Purposive sampling was used to select 90 sample female headed households. The Primary data were collected from purposively selected household using household survey, FDGs, KII and using six questions as a theme in the extended livelihood framework for analysis too. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics to analyze the quantitative data. The finding of the survey result indicates that much of the female-headed households (56.7%) in the town practice diversified livelihood strategies that combined on-farm activities with non-farm activities in the town. Therefore diverse livelihood options are available and thus, female - headed households pursue diverse range of activities. The chi-square tests were used to explore livelihood asset functions in the form of extended livelihood framework. The association between dummy and explanatory variable: diversification as means of survival dominated urban farm and nonfarm femaleheaded households pursue as livelihood strategy which was in turn determined by age of household, income of household, educational status, land access, credit access and own house. Institutional support and human capital should be given priority to enhance the livelihood of the female headed households. The study suggested that p Policy-makers need to work to promote livelihood diversification in the form of specialization in order to enhance capital accumulation and to minimize vulnerability of the female urban poor.



Livelihood, urban farm, non-farm, diversification and livelihood strategy