Coexistence of Spin Density Wave and Superconductivity

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Addis Ababa University


Superconductivity and magnetism usually try to avoid each other. This feature can be exploited to, for example, levitate a magnet above superconductor. The discovery of magnetic materials that are also superconductors has reconciled these two physical phenomena that were previously thought to be incompatible. The recent discovery of compounds that are both ferromagnetic and superconducting at the same time came as a surprise to many physicists. The mechanism of superconductivity in these superconductors is not known. There are suggestions of spin fluctuations as mediating superconductivity. In the present work we examine the possible coexistence of spin density wave and superconductivity. For this we have obtained expressions which relate the order parameters of these two states. Both singlet and triplet superconductivity are considered. The diagrams show the variation of the order parameters SC and SDW with temperature and also the coexistence region of SDW and superconductivity



Wave and Superconductivity