Reading preferences of grade 11 students in addis ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to investigate and identify 11th grade students' reading preferences in Addis Ababa. The subject of the study were 300 randomly selected students from four government secondary schools. To achieve the objective of the study, a questionnaire was designed and administered to the students. The questionnaire had two major parts: part one aimed at getting background information and part two was concerned with a reading preference inventory; i.e. students were asked to choose and rank their 10 best reading topics, titles and texts. These topics, titles and texts were del iberately designed in order to cross-check the validity of the respondents' responses. The results of the study indicated that students' attitudes towards the given reading topics, titles and texts were similar irrespective of sex. Both males and females chose the same top ten reading topics, but there was a difference in ranking wi thin the top ten choices. Thus, males preferred in descending order of popularity: detective stories, adventure stories, research and technology, love stories, humour, health, sports, biography, culture and sex education. Females preferred love stories, humour, health, biography, research and technology, sports, culture, sex education, detective stories, and adventure stories, in a descending order. On the basis of the findings, recommendations concerning the kinds of reading texts to be included in the textbooks , the development of students' attitudes towards English written materials, and the need for further investigation on students' reading preferences are stated.



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