Benign Methods for the Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

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Addis Ababa University


The recent interest in the synthesis of hybrid inorganic–organic solids (metal organic frameworks or MOFs) gives a new dimension to the domain of porous compounds. They offer new scientific and technological opportunities by combining attractive features of both porous solids and organometallics. Most of them are prepared under mild hydrothermal conditions using functionalized organic ligand and organic amines. Hence there is a need to develop an environmentally green and energetically favorable method in the synthesis of these materials. The main challenge behind the synthesis of MOFs under benign conditions is the insolubility of the organic linkers in most of the common solvents. In this work, different MOFs have been synthesized using water as a solvent for the metal salts. Some of these are known MOFs [MOF-2, HKUST-1 and MOF-74 (Zn)] while others are uncommon phases. Using a linker salt (disodiumterephthalate or Na2BDC), two of the most popular MOFs: MIL-53(Al) (MIL=Material of Institute Lavoisier) and MOF-5 [Zn4O(BDC)3] have been synthesized at room temperature. Especially MIL-53(Al) or aluminum - 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate was synthesized at room temperature using water as a solvent for the first time. The linker salt approach can be applied as a general strategy consisting in the use of linker salts as an alternative to the exclusively tested acidic form of the linker (protonated linkers). The method does not only imply the prevention of the undesirable corrosive synthesis medium, but it also introduces substantial differences in terms of solubility of the linker, and pH of the medium. Hence, a novel method in the synthesis of metal organic framework materials has been developed under environmentally benign conditions. - Spanish cooperation Agency for financing my research undertaking in Spain - A.A.U. for giving me an opportunity to pursue my graduate studies I would like to appreciate and bless my mother W/O Almaz, my brothers (Seyoum, Meseret, Abreham and Eyob) and my sisters (Genet, Tigist, Amelework, Abaynesh and Muluken) for their prayers, unreserved help and encouragement throughout the course of this work. My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude goes to my family; my soul mate and companion of my life Mesti, my son Muse and my daughter Bethel for their endless support, prayer, love and sacrifice.



Benign Methods, Synthesis, Metal, Organic Frameworks (MOFs)