A Survey Study n the Link Between Automotive Technology Training Program and the Labor Market Demand in Tlgray Region: The Cases of Four Selected Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions

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Addis Ababa University


This study set out to assess the link of automotive technology program and labor market demand in Tigray region: the cases of four selected TVET institutions, and thereby forward possible suggestions for the improvement of link of automotive technology and labor market demand in these training centers. To achieve the objective of the study the basic questions are taken as a base. The skills of graduates comparing to labor market demand, TVET capacity in using labor market information, relationship of TVET training center with employers, satisfaction of employers and graduates in the provision of practical training, and understanding of employers in the program of TVET training are employed in the study. To assess the situations, four TVET institutions were selected using random sampling method out of eight TVET institutions which were providing automotive training in the region. Descriptive survey method was employed, the reason being. that it could help to gather a large variety of data related to the subject under investigation. To gather the necessary data graduates of three consecutive years starting ji-om 199912000-2002103 E.c. were included. Moreover; trainers, management members and supervisors ji-om selected institutions and regional TVET Bureau are included in the study using purposive sampling method. And graduates were traced by using snowball sampling. In addition to this, employers and coordinators of micro & small enterprises are also interviewed using convenience method. As data gathering instrument questionnaire, interviews and observation were used. The results of the study showed that, graduates of automotive technology were not equipped enough in practical training, employers and graduates are not satisfied in the practical training of the TVET institutions, there is a gap in between TVET institutions and employers ,and labor market information system was underutilized, etc. Hence, the study recommended these selected TVET institutions of Tigray region should better improve the provision of practical training rather than theory, employ labor market information effectively, and work cooperatively with the employers etc.



Link Between Automotive Technology Training Program