Design and Implementation of a Web Based E-learning Support System

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Addis Ababa University


Outcome based TVET training is important in today’s development of the economic sector. Young people and technologies should be ready for a country to fit in the dynamically complex learning/training and working environment. The case of Ethiopia is no exception, The country has been in a steady growth in TVET training since its implementation in 2001/02. Compared to other developed countries TVET training in Ethiopia has not yet reached the required level of development. This implies more work should be carried out to meet present and future needs of skilled and well trained man power as per the need of the various training and education fields and the requirement of the labor market. The purpose of this work was to conduct a study on design and implementation of a web based e- Learning support system for TVET training programs. System requirements have been rigorously collected from the five TVET institutions in Addis Ababa; and consulting related literatures and software products which are used in other countries has been made. The design and implementation of a prototype system was done in accordance with the identified functional and non functional requirements. The prototype has been tested with data from the five TVET institutes in Addis Ababa. It has been found out that the system enables the trainers and trainees to register, to download proper learning materials, to obtain recent information about the TVET training, to see result (progress chart) for a unit of competency, to send notification by mobile, to download and submit assignment, to download teachers guide, curriculum, TVET strategy documents, and generate various reports. Key words: Outcome based training, TVET, unit of competency, progress chart, web based e-learning



Outcome Based Training; TVET; Unit Of Competency; Progress Chart;Web Based E-Learning