Effects of Teacher Mediation on Student Conceptions and Approaches to Reading

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Addis Ababa University


This study tested whether or not teacher’s mediation could bring a change in students’ conceptions and approaches to reading, and develop their reading ability. It employed Feuerstein’s mediation theory (The Mediated Learning Experience) to change students’ quantitative conceptions to qualitative conceptions and surface approaches to deep approaches to reading. The Mediated Learning Experience differs from the direct exposure to stimuli; that is, the behaviorists’ and the cognitivists’ views. The underlying philosophy used in the study was the constructivists’ philosophy, social interactionism, which emphasizes students' construction of knowledge by relating new knowledge with their experience. Social interactionism emphasizes the interplay between teachers and learners and tasks. And mediation is inherent in social interactionism. The study, thus, focused on teacher and student interaction, as mediator and mediate, for the purposes stated above. To achieve the purposes of the study, a case study was employed on grade 9 students at Fasilo Secondary School in Bahir Dar. In the case study, different instruments, quantitative and qualitative types, were utilized at different stages of the study: the premediation, while-mediation, and post-mediation stages. The findings were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The findings indicated that the students had quantitative conception and surface approaches to reading. Their conceptions and approaches, however, were changed because of teacher mediation. Teachers did not have the experience of using the mediation tools. In the study, it was found that teacher's application of Feuerstein's mediation theory had positive effects in changing students' conceptions and approaches to reading, and in developing their reading capacity. Based on the findings, it was concluded that teacher mediation could help students develop qualitative conceptions and deeper approaches to reading, and improve their reading capacity. Based on the conclusion, recommendations were forwarded.



Teacher Mediation