Analysis of the Development and Validation of an Entrance Examination in Arbaminch Teacher Training Institute

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the development and validation of an Entrance Examination which has been employed for selecting candidate teachers for Arbaminch Teacher Training Institute. The subjects of the study were 583 candidate teachers who were selected from six zones of SNNPS in 1998/99 academic year. Items of the sub-tests were analyzed for 583 subjects. Reliability coefficients were calculated for the three sUb-tests by using split-half and Kuder-Richardson techniques. A correlational and regressional analysis were used for validating the three sub-tests, ESLCE GPA and High School average score. Besides, stepwise multiple regression analysis was utilized to identify variables that explain significant amount of variance in first semester GPA. The findings of the study revealed that the sub-tests English language and mathematics have acceptable reliability. Furthermore, the study indicated that some items from each test could be revised. Based on the findings of the present study it was concluded that the English language entrance examination, high school average score, and ESLCE GPA appeared to be better predictors of first semester GPA of the candidate teachers at the institute than mathematics and teaching aptitude entrance examination. On the basis of the findings obtained in the study, it was recommended that since Mathematics and teaching aptitude test did not contribute significantly to the criterion variable, care should be made when constructing the items so that the reliability and predictive effectiveness of the entrance examination could be improved. Furthermore, Utmost care needs to be taken concerning the use of the teaching aptitude test as a selection instrument in the future. If there is the need to check for general teaching aptitude in candidates, expert advice should be secured in the making of such tests



Arbaminch Teacher Training Institute