Students disciplinary problems and its impact on their achievement in bole Subcity High Schools

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Addis Ababa Universty


This study examined impacts of students' disciplinary problems on their achievement in Bole High schools. It employed descriptive survey research method. Data were collected from students and teachers using questionnaire and interview. One hundred forty students and also thilty teachers were participated in this study. Students were selected using available sampling technique whereas teachers are selected using stratified and systematic random sampling. Quantitative data were analyzed using percentage, mean and t-test whereas qualitative data were analyzed with themes and categories. The study indicated the major types of disciplinary problems and their causes. Independent samples t-test revealed statistically significant differences across students and teachers on determinant factors of disciplinary problems. The mean in the t-test indicated students' disciplinary problems was highly affected more boys than those girls. The qualitative analysis indicated that economic condition of the family, students' high involvement in domestic activities and involvement of peer pressure can be the major causes of students' indiscipline in these schools. Based on the findings, recommendations were forwarded