Women Empowerment and Their Reproductive Behaviour among Currently Married Women In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The study aimed at investigating women empowerment status and their reproductive behavior among currently married women of reproductive age in Ethiopia. The objective was to explore the relation of empowerment of women with their contraceptive use and to investigate how empowerment of women affects their reproductive intention Methods: The study made use of the 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health survey with a sample size of 9127. The dependent variables were modern contraceptive use and desire for more children while the main predictor variable was women empowerment (measured by freedom of mobility and household decision making). Bivariate logistic regression, multivariate binary logistic and multinomial logistic regression were used generating odds ratios and relative risk ratios to explore the association at 95% confidence interval. Results: The results indicated that women who had freedom of mobility had no significant effect on the use of modern contraceptive both at bivariate and multivariate binary logistic regression model (COR=1.13, CI=.98-1.29) and (AOR=1.08, .92-1.25) respectively. However, fully empowered women had a significant and positive impact on the use of modern contraceptive both at the bivariate and multivariate binary logistic regression model (COR=1.72, CI=1.54-1.92) and (AOR=1.15, CI=1.01-1.31). In addition, at multinomial logistic regression model only freedom of mobility had a significant and positive effect on the women’s desire for more children in both categories (RRR=1.31, CI=1.08 – 1.59) wants within two years and (RRR=1.36, CI=.15 -1.61) wants after two years. Conclusion: women empowerment interventions should be done at levels through better education, economic opportunities and health care including family planning for its far reaching benefits to the community, society and to the nation at large. Keywords: women empowerment, modern contraceptive, married women, mobility and Ethiopia.