The practices of curriculum development, implementation and evaluation In Ethiopian defense training main department

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Addis Ababa Universty


The Practices of Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation in Ethiopian Defense Training Main Department Awgichew Fekade Addis Ababa University, 2012 The purpose of this study is to assess the practices of curriculum development and implementation in Ethiopian Defense Training Main Department. In order to meet the objectives of the study, a descriptive survey design was employed. The data was collected using questionnaires, focus group discussion, interview guide questions and document analysis. The data were collected from 86 instructors and deans, who were selected by using availability sampling and 125 students who were randomly selected. The questionnaires were piloted and checked for their reliability. The data obtained through the questionnaires were described and analyzed using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviations, t-tests, and chi-square. The information obtained through open-ended questionnaires, and the interview was qualitatively analyzed to supplement the quantitative data . The findings of the study show that there was a problem of giving attentions for the stakeholders' roles and importance of participation throughout the curriculum development process. Th~ study revealed that shortage of qualified teaching staff compare with absence of specialization and experience academic staffs in terms of number and quality, were limiting the curriculum implementation and negatively influenced the quality of the output. The study further investigated that, poor in-service training before implementation of the new curriculum, unavailability of curriculum development and research center, shortage of instructional materials, lack of student's background knowledge, poor evaluation and feedback practice, poor student admission criteria, inappropriateness of the teaching methods, resistance to change, and teacher's teaching loads were substantially inhibited the implementation practices of the curriculum. Therefore, it is recommended that during curriculum development and implementation process the TMD should give attention to involve the entire Defense stakeholders, develop and upgrade the instructors, establish the research center, organize reference materials and set up clear and specific curriculum development implementation guidelines.



Curriculum development