Polarography of the Complexes of Cd(II), Co(II), and Ni(II) with Threomine

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Addis Ababa Universty


The po1'lro[;rl'<phic lWhllviour of tho COl1pl exco of throonine Ilith c<!(n) , Go(H), mill Nl(II) hllVo boon otuuiod in hero-to buf for lit ~50G . '1'110 lXJ polnrogl'tlphic ro(luction of tho Cd(II);hrconine OyotOll hos boon found to bo rovoroibl0 on-l thoroforo uucnnblo to tho Deford-Humo I:Iuthod for the uotoI'llinotion of etcpl7iou stability oonotunto . Thooo const{'ntu hove bocn [OUIIU to be log kl a 3 . 1 lind log k2 .. 2.?7 for tho fiI'Gt und second otop\'Iiao otl\bi1ity conet"n·~o, rC:Jpcctivo1y. Tho reduction of \;h<J Co(II) - throonino nyutcm Vlul! illvostign\;cu uaing diffuI'cntinl I,uleo l'ol {\ r ogrul'~ ' 1. Dinglo pol(l1'Ogrl;\phic f!V.VC 11I\ich iu f OWld IInodic to tho Bil":lplc J9.(ltn! iO)l r,,(]uction llotontinl WIIS obu"I'veu . This \"/fIVO villa dependent en tho concontr,.tion of thcoonine . I"lhich OuggoutB n p<)olliblc UEC of t hio flyl;tC~1 for tho pol(JrogrDphic det.or minotion of tilt> l1(;on(l . It olae IJUfl.I.~Ol.JtG tho.t t ho reduction of thu eo(lI) - threonine cotlplcx i6 c ,' tflly'~ic in no.turo. The differential ]_u1m) llolol'(}t\I'o?ilic utudy of the Hi(TI) .- threonino oystCl\ rovcolod the occurroncu of 0. llrowovo und 0.100 0:[ {1 second wove which o.ro found onodic to the simplo [;lotRl i.on I'oduction potontilll. Both f/(Jvoa 1.\1'0 strongly dcpentlunt on tho concentrntion of tho threoni nc I'nd tho prol-Il've CUll bc ulJ(){l for (I poll.\ro~I'ophic det"rr.;ino tion of tllU l igllnd . A muchuniom hue bean propoaed '~o explain the nntul'C of reduction!.! .