Practices on providing sign language Interpretation at Minilik II Preparatory School

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was assessing the practices of sign language interpretation in one of the preparatory school found in Addis which serves deaf students together. To achieve the objective this study, data were collected from 6 interpreters, 3 coordinators, 53 hearing impaired students and 6 of their teachers who attended the school when the research has done. The data gathered was analyzed and interpreted with the qualitative methods. The finding indicated that there is no encouraging classroom setting and fruitful educational interpreting services. These in turn had created communication gaps and the students’ gradually had lost academic satisfaction. Based on this the researcher recommended measures that can ease the problem by improving classroom setting and interaction, enhancing the awareness and capacity of teachers, students, interpreters and families, as well as place and strengthen support and monitoring and evaluation system



Minilik II Preparatory School