Female Students' Stream Choice in Preparatory School Vis-a-Vis 70:30 Ratio in Addis Ababa: The Case of Medhanialem Preparatory School

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine major factors that influence stream choice of female students in Medhanialem preparatory school in Addis Ababa. Mainly, it aimed to examine female students'stream choice in relation to 70:30 ratio. To achieve the objectives, data were collected from 278 female students (176 from natural science and the remaining 102 from social science stream), 48 teachers, two school principals and two guidance and counselors using questionnaires and interviews. The documents of students' enrollment across streams were collected from record office of the school under the study. The collected data through questionnaires and documents were analyzed in terms of percentage. The data collected through interview were analyzed through narration. The analysis revealed that, even though there was fluctuation, the total trend of female students' enrollment in natural science stream in six consecutive years is increasing and it seems in line with MOE (ESDP IV, 2010111). The findings also showed that, female students' stream choice was influenced by individual interest, lack of guidance and counseling service, parentallguardian attitude, teachers ' attilude and societal al/itude. The effect of peers influence on female students' stream choice was not significant as the study showed. The result obtained also showed that female students were placed against their interest in natural science only to fulfill the requirement of 70: 30 ratio. Hence, attention need to be paid to: a) individual interest of female students while placing in different streams (b) creating awareness on 70:30 ratio to increase their enrollment in natural science by their willing and organizing campaign and celebrities at lower grades which involve different stakeholders (c) improving overall contribution of guidance & counselors by aligning their plan with the school's developmental plan (d) motivating teachers by giving training and awarding those who better contribute and encourage females' education. (e) Organizing natural science club at all grade levels.



Female Student' Stream Choice