Some Determinants of Rural Adults' Voluntary Participation in Nonformula Training Program Planning: The Case of Western Oromiya

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the current state of rural adults' participation in the planning of NFE at the selected CSTCs. Furthermore, it was intended to identify some of the influential hindrances against the desired level of participatory adult training program development at the centers. The study was conducted at fifteen CSTCs that are found in Western Oromiya. A total number of 177 subjects were included in the study. Among these,18 female respondents, 45 facilitators, and 106 male adult trainees were selected through availability, purposive, and simple random sampling techniques respectively. Moreover, 8 informants engaged in Adult and NFE at zonal and regional level were also included. Two types of questionnaire and structured interview were used to collect the data. In addition, observation and document analysis were made to obtain further information. The percentage, the Chi-square test, the correlation and one-way AN OVA were employed to analyse the data. The study indicated that the level of target groups' participation in the planning of NFE and training was nominal. From the findings, the facilitators and adult trainees differed significantly in ranking learning priorities (r=0.26). Similarly, the weak relationship between the adults enrollment and their actual learning preference (r=0.26), witnessed that the courses were not need-based. The one-way ANOVA administered between the sample zones indicated that the trainees had low expectations about the outcomes of the program. Finally, in the findings the situational, organization and management, structura1 political and target groups characteristics were identified to be the major factors that influenced both the groups (beneficiaries and benefactors) against the desired level of participation.



Some Determinants of Rural Adults' Voluntary Participation