The Relation Between Primary Education Attendance and Academic Performance of Grade 3 Students in Haile Bubamo, Government Primary School, Hossana Town

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Addis Ababa University


Pre-primary education is a salient factor in later life; and it is considered as the first step in students’ educational journey. The aim of this study was to examine the impact of pre-primary education on academic performance by grade 3 in Haile Bubamo Government primary school in Hosanna Town. The academic performance of students with KG, “0” class and students without pre-primary attendance was compared.. Data from 91 selected students was obtained . Analysis was under taken using percentage, mean, standard deviation, one way ANOVA, and General linear model. The result revealed a statistically significant difference among the three groups ( KG, “0” class, and without pre-primary education). Attending pre- primary education programs has statistically significance association with students’ academic performance. Students who attend KG achieve better than their peers who attended “0” class. Since KG schools in Ethiopia are largely of the private sector, it couldn’t afford all children. Thus reconsideration is needed to improve and change pre-primary education system and allow all children to have the opportunity of education. The study is significant by providing information, for administrative and teachers to improve and expand the services. In addition extensive research has to be conducted.



The Relation Between Primary, Education Attendance and Academic