Responsiblity Behaviour Among Adolecents As A Function of Parenting Styles: The Case of Nedjo District

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Addis Ababa University


This study examined the influence of parenting style, sex and age on responsibility behavior of adolescents. 255 boys and J 65 girls from seven randomly selected junior secondwy school completed scales pertaining to parenting styles and responsibility behavior. Descriptive statistics, one way analysis of variance, Welch statistic, independent T-test, Tamhane 's multiple comparison, Pearson produ.ct-moment correlation and stepwise regression analysis were used to analyze the data. Families were classified in to one of four parenting groups (authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent and neglectful) on the basis of adolescents', ratings of their parents on two parental dimensions: acceptance/ involvement and control/supervision. The students were then contrasted a long their responsibility behavior. The results indicated statistically are significant difference among adolescent from various homes in the rating of responsibility behavior. The adolescents from the au.thoritative homes have scored better respollsibility behavior than the adolescent from others. The reverse is the (;(lse for adoiescentfrolll neglectfitifamilies. No significant differences between males andfemales ill the scores of responsibility behavior. Age and responsibility behavior are significantly and positively related. Parenting style has contributed the highest variance of responsibility behavior. Finally, practical implications of the findings are indicated



parenting style, sex and age on responsibility behavior of adolescents